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Venkata K. Ponnanganti, Ph.D., E-CYT

Meditation Teacher

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My Approach

I am a Yoga Psychologist conducting various programs for the betterment of life.

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Psychology of Yoga

Yoga and Meditation are ancient techniques, practiced for centuries in many cultures. The essential principles are universal self-regulation strategies, that aid in  awareness of mental processes, bodily mechanisms and life style that aim to calm stress and strain of daily living and enhance one’s overall sense of wellness.

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Psychology of Meditation

Human mind is an incessant flow of thoughts. Concentration and mindfulness methods still the mind by reducing or eliminating the contents and their processing respectively.

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Preliminaries to Meditation

Yoga Nidra and Joint and Gland Exercises are the two preliminaries to meditation. See the links below for descriptions for these practices.

Yoga Nidra

Joint and Gland Exercises

Special Note:  I am interested in giving lectures and conducting classes and workshops at local yoga studios. I'm especially interested in addressing teacher trainees in any local yoga center on various theoretical aspects of yoga and meditation to enrich their training as a guest faculty.

Contact Information

Phone: 540-687-0964      Facebook Page