About Venkata

Venkata K. Ponnaganti, Ph.D. is an Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Ex Director of the Institute for Yoga and Consciousness at Andhra University in South India. He was the editor of Journal of Indian Psychology and served as the  President of the Academy of Psychology (India) for one term.

Venkata has done extensive research in the fields of yoga and psychology and published several papers in these fields.  At the University he developed an approach to help people live more powerful and happier lives through a combination of Yoga and Psychology. His approach is secular, scientific and psychological based on years of research he has done in these fields. He believes that meditation combined with gentle stretching and asanas or joint and gland exercises provide an effective approach to self-regulation that integrates body, mind and behavior.  He acknowledges that yoga opened a new vista in his life by providing a means to approach life and to come to terms with the complexities of the mind-body processes and living in the world. Venkata lives in the Woodlands, Texas and Florida. He has taught courses on yoga and meditation at various Yoga Studios in the US.