I am a yoga psychologist conducting various programs for the betterment of life. Yoga is a world-view, a way of life, and a set of practices for the regulation of the mind-body processes. In ancient India, the aim of yoga and meditation was the attainment of moksha or liberation. As life was considered full of suffering, the sages outlined a theory and practice to overcome suffering in life and attain a state of perfect knowledge and bliss. In course of its development, yoga has been embedded in many religions and philosophies and it has come to be associated with a wide variety of belief systems. Thus, we have many types of yoga such as hatha yoga, bhakti yoga, kundalini yoga, karma yoga, to name a few.

Devoid of its metaphysical commitments, as yoga and meditation are methods to regulate body, mind and behavior, I turned to the field of yoga for
its relevance to health, happiness and effectiveness in daily life and endeavored to demystify yoga and develop a yoga psychology, both a theory and a practice based on classical thought such that it is suitable to modern life, whatever may be ones belief system. Yoga psychology is empirical and it is based on reason and experience and not on blind faith or metaphysical explanations. I have been conducting classes and workshop of yoga psychology for various target groups for nearly two decades.

I am available to conduct classes, give workshops and also deliver lectures on a number of topics relevant to yoga practitioners, yoga teacher trainees and yoga teachers, who wish to gain a psychological perspective on yoga. I look forward to work with yoga studios, yoga teachers, and interested individuals or groups in and around The Woodlands, TX.

I am willing to teach at any studio or community hall. I currently conduct classes at Om Loka Yoga in The Woodlands, TX and at Kingwood Yoga in Kingwood, TX. If you are interested in scheduling a class, please contact me via my phone number or by email address.

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